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Valuable lessons learned: Father and daughter mentoring each other

Zoran Kanti-Paul set up a new business immediately after selling the previous one.

After selling up the family business TekMiL, which provided language and culture training services, Zoran Kanti-Paul immediately moved on to the car business.

At TekMiL, Zoran worked with his wife, whereas in the new company, Kokonut Cars, he has joined forces with his daughter Saana Kanti-Paul. Kokonut Cars imports American cars to Finland. The father and daughter both have specific roles in the business.

– Determining roles was the easiest task at the company set-up phase. I handle the car imports, and Saana manages customer relations in Finland. In my native country, Australia, I worked several years in car sales. I know a whole lot about cars, but I don’t speak flawless Finnish. I understood that shortcomings in language skills can hamper sales, Zoran Kanti-Paul tells us.

The father is also a mentor for the 19-year-old daughter.

– I have learned tremendously about sales and gained a lot of valuable experience. Car sales involve big money, so the [...]

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